The process of developing wellbeing involves the body as well as the mind and spirit and sometimes the first step can mean addressing the body.

This may mean simple steps like ensuring that your body gets enough physical activity or a diet that suits it. It may mean learning and practicing meditative movement, Yoga Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Feldenkries, 5 Rhythms dancing. Even Pilates can be done in a meditative way. Singing or playing instruments alone or with a group are also very good for the body and these might be what appeals.

Sometimes bodywork can mean visiting a body therapist. Unresolved trauma – both physical and emotional – influences the nervous system creating neuromuscular tension patterns that prevent free movement and balance. The resolution of trauma often needs a supporting presence, a therapist who understands trauma and can enable the body to trust enough to let go. Recovery involves changing how we hold ourselves physically and emotionally and letting ourselves be held.

The process for working with the body is similar to working with the mind. It involves experimenting with a different attitude or posture in the context of a holding presence. As you develop your own wellbeing you will become able to offer that holding presence for yourself when you are practicing bodywork on your own.

Sarah with bodywork client

Approaches to Bodywork

I offer two approaches to bodywork. I also offer courses.

Bone to Bone (B2B)

This practice is grounded in and has developed from Zero Balancing, so the focus is on tension patterns held in bone. The experience of being held through the skeleton is  deeply comforting and feels very safe so long held tension patterns can be released.

Sessions take an hour. As a client you would lie on your back fully clothed throughout the session.

At the beginning of the session you would tell me a bit about yourself, any issues you are dealing with at the moment and goals for the session. The hands on work begins with a brief sitting evaluation then you would lie on the couch on your back fully clothed.

During the session I would create a supportive, sensitive presence and from this place, explore the structure and energetic patterns held in your bones and nervous system. Using my hands and placing subtle but powerful movements into different joints, I would offer your body a different experience of tension, positioning and posture. This would gradually bring your body into more conscious awareness enabling release of underlying tensions. The process is usually felt as deeply relaxing and energising at the same time.

Deep Massage

This is an approach to massage which is linked to Zero Balancing and starts from many of the same premises. The focus is on soft tissue – muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia – rather than bone.  You would  lie on a couch first on your front and then on your back, fully draped, in your underclothes whilst I work on your body. Sessions take an hour.

Watch a session of Deep Massage offered by David Lauterstein the founder of Deep Massage:

Watch Deep Massage Video

Other Approaches

I can teach you Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) for use at times of particular stress. I make use of my experience of a wide range of therapeutic processes including Zero Balancing, Deep Massage and EFT but also Feldenkrais, Trauma Release Exercises, Qi Gong and Trauma Therapy. My medical training is invaluable as a background to bodywork and learning to integrate these two different perspectives on health has been a deeply rewarding experience.


I offer courses in bodywork and holistic approaches to health and wellbeing.

Venue - Annex@No4

I have a workshop space, purpose built for courses and workshops on wellbeing. I offer this for hire to teachers of human development and wellbeing when I am not using it myself.

Workshop venue meditation circle setup


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