I offer coaching to enhance wellbeing and performance at work, to support growth and development through disease,  to help  balance work and life and to enhance relationship in all contexts.

Clients come to me for help with  general development, and development focused on careers and work, purpose and meaning,relationships and work life balance. A special interest of mine is supporting people with chronic or life threatening disease find personal meaning in their illness and develop a new sense of wellbeing in the process.  

My career in medicine, public health and higher education means I understand the value and pressures of health care practice as well as the stresses  and benefits of a career in higher education, but these are transferable skills. I know what success and failure feel like and how they can both support development. I know about the development of health and wellbeing from an academic perspective and from personal experience.

These experiences included breast cancer and the opportunity that gave me to explore holistic, alternative and complementary approaches to wellbeing, recovery and resilience. My research included the role that parenting plays in the wellbeing of the next generation and ways of supporting parents in this demanding job. 

My Style

My coaching style is primarily non-directive drawing on knowledge from a range of coaching approaches including transpersonal, person-centred, and cognitive behavioural.

My philosophy is holistic (mind, body, emotions and spirit). I view individuals as part of an interdependent system with cultural, political and historical components. I value and make use of emotional intelligence and of silence as a creative opportunity. I offer bodywork sessions as a complement to talking sessions for those who are interested in developing better connection with the wisdom of the body.

This approach is informed by my personal exploration of trauma. It aims to enable understanding of unhelpful personality patterns, and to challenge behaviours or mindsets that seem to be limiting movement towards full potential.

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I work with:

  • professionals and academics working in public health and health care who are seeking to better understand themselves, their careers, their contribution to health and their work-life balance.
  • people in a wide range of work settings who are looking to find a way to juggle the demands of family life and work that is sustainable and rewarding, including those taking a break to parent.
  • individuals working in the a range of organisatinos who want to enhance their own wellbeing and/or that of their workplaces.
  • people looking to  harness the power of wellbeing in the context of chronic or life threatening illness including those who are taking a break to recover from illness and those who want to explore dying well.

About Me

I have been curious, about the human potential for wellbeing from early adulthood and, from then on, I have engaged with this agenda from a personal, interpersonal and academic perspective.

Sarah Stewart-Brown


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